Birthstone for August is Peridot

Peridot is the birthstone for August and has been mined for over three thousand years. St. John's Island, just outside of Egypt, is the location of the earliest known mine for this gem. The mine was considered sacred, and trespassers were not allowed.

Many historians believe that a lot of of Cleopatra's emeralds were actually peridot mined from that island. Many times, this gem is mistaken for emeralds, though a trained eye can easily discern the difference. The August birthstone is less refractive and lighter in color than the emerald, but in ancient times, almost all green stones were considered emeralds.

A magnesium-iron silicate mineral, peridot is the French word for olivine. In ancient times, folks thought of it as a tonic for the body because it could reduce stress and promoted relaxation. They also thought that it protected the person who wore it from negativity. Still another name for it is chrysolite, which is Greek for gold and stone. It is currently popular to wear peridot jewelry because it is on the birthstone chart as being the birthstone for August. Folks today still believe it brings the wearer good luck, peace and success.

Peridot Birthstone for AugustThe August birthstone is a clear, shimmering and transparent green stone, ranging in color from vibrant green to a deeper tone of olive. The stone is the more valuable if it is darker and richer in color. The peridot is hard enough to be used for almost any kind of jewelry and is popular in birth stone jewelry. It is available in most any size and shape. Peridot jewelry is a popular choice when giving birthstone rings, birthstone earrings, birthstone charms or gemstone necklaces.

Peridot is a gem that has also been connected to superstition throughout the ages. It is believed to have the power to dispel mysteries of the dark and even break evil spells. Some think that the peridot can even keep nightmares at bay.

Folks wore it to gain divine inspiration and foresight during the Middle Ages and medicinal elixirs were served in cups made of peridot as it was believed that it could boost the healing properties of medicines. Today, the myths and legends surrounding the peridot have been forgotten and now it is known for being on the birthstone chart as the birthstone for August.