July Birthstone is Ruby

Like a beautiful red rose, the ruby's rich color speaks of love and passion, fire and emotion. Ancient Hindus called it the king of gems. One of the most highly prized of gems throughout history is the July birthstone.

Royalty wore the ruby as a talisman against evil. Considered to have magical powers, it was thought to grow darker when danger was looming and then return to its original color once the threat was past. In modern times, it is commonly used in birthstone rings and other birth stone jewelry.

The fiery glow of rubies is said to come from the gemstone's eternal and internal flame. Rubies were sometimes thought to represent heat and power. The gift of the July birthstone is a symbol of everlasting love for this reason. If ruby jewelry is worn on the left hand, then ancient lore says the stone will bring good fortune. It makes a perfect engagement ring gemstone and an alternative or addition to diamond rings.

Uncut Ruby Birthstone for JulyMeaning red, the word ruby comes from the Latin ruber. A variety of the mineral corundum, a ruby is called a sapphire when it is any color except red. Only when it is red does it earn the designation of being called a ruby. It is not to say that there is only one type of red for rubies. They range in hue from an orange-ish red to a purplish red, although the most treasured rubies are still true red in color.

Ruby jewelry was used by ancient people to help protect them against evil and to help them anticipate its arrival. In a most interesting way, rubies had their own built in anti-theft device. It was thought that in order for rubies to act for good, they had to be in the hands of their rightful owner.

Some gemstones that are not rubies are also called rubies. The Balas ruby is a type of a hard, glassy mineral known as a spinel. Bohemian rubies come from rose quartz, and Siberian rubies are really only red or pink tourmaline. In the United States, the American, Cape, Montana, and Rocky Mountain rubies are actually different varieties of garnets.

Surpassed in hardness only by diamonds, the birthstone ruby is a very durable gemstone. Despite its hard nature, the ruby has a soft side. According to legend, one should never make faces at a ruby or ignore it because it will grow dull if slighted or not worn or seen. Those lucky enough to call the July birthstone their own have a very intriguing gemstone.