Tips on Choosing Gemstone Pendants

Choosing gemstone jewelry for the first time is an exciting to prospect that may also be a little intimidating at the same time. For those on a budget, with your choice you will want to ensure that your purchase is something that will be treasured and worn for years to come.

Making your choice from the best birthstone and gemstone pendants allows your style and preferences to shine through and by following a few simple guidelines, what you thought was a challenging task can be turned into an enjoyable adventure.

The first thing to think about when choosing a gemstone or birthstone pendant is style. Many folks who wear pendants want a unique look, while avoiding wearing jewelry that everybody else is wearing. Fortunately, there is an endless selection of pieces from which to choose. You should reflect on your personality and how you see yourself.
  • Are you a sweet romantic?
  • Are you a Bohemian bombshell?
  • Are you fun and flirty?
  • Are you classic and traditional?
Jewelry should mirror your individual personality.

When it comes to gemstone and birth stone jewelry; not only for pendants and necklaces, but also for birthstone rings, birthstone earrings and birthstone bracelets and charms, color is an important consideration.

Your closet will be a good indicator of which materials, colors and clothing styles are most common. These clues can help you decide which pendants will work best with what you already have. Remember to take another look at your existing jewelry collection and the styles and colors that are most predominant. Other factors that can play a big role in determining which gemstone jewelry will look best on you are your physical features, such as complexion and hair color.

When buying gemstone pendants, you should make sure that the gems are of the highest quality you can afford. The four C's that determine the quality and value of a diamond are also applicable to the quality of gems in necklaces. These indicators, which are used to examine a gemstone are:
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Cut
  • Carat weight
You will pay a higher price for a gemstone with a more desirable color. Another factor is size with the larger stones, costing more per carat. If you take the time to examine gemstones side by side, even with an untrained eye, then you will be able to catch the differences in quality using the four C's as your guide.

A good way to save money on gemstone necklaces is to consider an unpopular color. One of the best ways to get a great deal is to choose a color that may not be in style, but one for which you are attracted to. An unpopular color does not mean the gem is unattractive. By wearing a color that is not the latest trend is a great way to express individual style. You may even start a trend of your own!

Wearing jewelry is a fantastic way to signify a special or meaningful occasion, dress up an everyday wardrobe or simply improve your spirits. Gemstone pendants are meant to enhance the beauty that already resides inside. Think of necklaces and birthstone pendants as a way to compliment the feminine charm in every woman.